Elevated and unique Patterns by Erica-Lee Helgerson
Elevated and unique Patterns by Erica-Lee Helgerson
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About Me

Hi!  Erica-Lee here.

You've arrived at the home of Lavender & Twine.  I get comments on the name sometimes.  And questions like, "do you make things out of lavender? Or twine?"  Hmm, maybe one day!  The name actually comes from the boutonniere that my husband wore at our wedding.  
Lavender & Twine was licensed and official in April 2016 when I just couldn't deny anymore that I had a passion for creating, sewing, and improving my skills.  
I've been sewing since I was 12 years old and am completely self-taught.  I'm so blessed to be able to invest in making sure that my product meets my insane (and probably unrealistic) quality standards.  We are often our own harshest critic, but with support from my husband, family, and friends, I've developed a healthy idea of the one-of-a-kind nature and character that handmade products have.  

I live in the gorgeous Pacific North West with my handsome husband. Chris.  We share a love for Marvel. a distrust of avocados, and he supports my hobby-turned-business by insisting he goes over every stitch on each bag with a flashlight and a close eye. 
I will always create.  If I stop, I will stop.  I will continue learning and developing my skills forever.  My favorite thing about this business is when I can show all of my amazing fans and followers my next project!  Like and follow my social media pages to keep up on what's next! (links at the bottom of the page)
Lavender & Twine is the business, Avant Garde is my line of PDF patterns.
Love people fiercely.  Put others first.  Look at the sky.  Grow something.  Remember that people have stories.  Be excited about the pure things.