Handmade Passion Projects by Erica-Lee Helgerson
Handmade Passion Projects by Erica-Lee Helgerson
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Happy Launch Day!

What a happy day!  This day, August 18, 2019 is the birth day of this website.  I can’t help but be moved for this milestone in my passion project – Lavender & Twine.
It’s a funny thing really, lots of people have websites for their business.  But have you ever felt like you were looking out the window at all the things other people are doing and never even considered you could go outside and do those things too?
So here I am staking the ground and enjoying every last bit of the new space I occupy.  It feels like moving from a studio apartment to my very own spacious house.  It’s mine and I can do with it whatever I please. 
What do I want out of this place?  I want to build onto the community that has been there for me for years now.  I want this to be a home for regulars.  A place to go to chat, shop, read, or just look.  I want to be open, honest, raw, real and unassuming because that’s me in real life.  That will be me here.  My real self is enough to handle, I’ll never add on a caricature of myself for the internet.
The topics in this blog won’t be limited to sewing.  There are many sides to my life, many facets to this journey and I want to share them all with whomever may read on.  I’m a writer at heart, but I’ve only ever written for myself.  Which means I’m used to leaving random streams of consciousness on my page.  I have thoughts on marriage, discipline, self-care, mental health, space and my constant search for anything that makes me feel small, what I’ve learned from failures, and my unusual structure of friendships and supporters. 
While I fear the exposure, I welcome the accountability that I will gain from publishing these words to the world.  Whether they reach 3 people or 300 people, I’ll never stop being grateful to have the opportunity to be something I want to be.  And to constantly evolve. 
Love people fiercely. Put others first. Look at the sky. Grow something. Remember that people have stories. Be excited about the pure things.

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  • Najmuddin on

    Inspiring , Thanks for writing.

  • Gail Squires on

    Erica, I am putting a Bag Making Retreat for November 2020 … we will be making your amazing Moonwake pattern …. would love to have you be a part of it …. Please let me know what you think …. my ladies are so excited! Thank you for this amazing pattern
    Gail Squires
    Great Smoky Mountains Bag Makers Retreat

  • Jojo on

    You really are an awesome, wonderful & creative human – I look forward to watching your website & blog go from strength to strength

  • Chris on

    Yay!!! I’m so excited for you!

  • Elona Namor on

    Congrats on your new website, new journey and new space outside! I look forward to following and maybe even joining in your journey. Continue to be Erica-Lee it is so refreshing to get to know you.

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