Elevated and unique Patterns by Erica-Lee Helgerson
Elevated and unique Patterns by Erica-Lee Helgerson
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The Samaren Namesake

The Samaren Bag was about 5 months in the making. When I'm struck with an idea for a new design, it's like meeting a new person. I'm spending time with it to try and get to know it. That's one of the reasons the names of my patterns mean so much to me. Usually, I try to name my patterns early on in the process because when I do, more times than not, I feel more connected to them.  Like they are now a part of my creative story.  

Samaren came about in early December when I was in the thick of designing Vadon. I needed to step away from Vadon. I needed a break, a pallet cleanser; I needed to create something that wasn't Vadon just for a moment. Enter Samaren.

But it wasn't Samaren yet. It was "Fill in the Blank", "The What Will You Be Bag". This one night of design flowed so naturally out of me that I knew this would be next after Vadon launched. 

When I name patterns, I usually ask people who are close to me to tell me their favorite thing about nature. Then, being the pseudo logophile (lover of words) that I am, I go looking for an interesting and unusual word that fits just right. Lauren didn't know that about me.



Hey I just wanted to ask a quick question, this is not important so don't feel like you have to respond right away, think about it get back to me when you can! But my question is what is your favorite thing about nature? I do have a reason for asking and I'll tell you later OK bye!


Hahah awww that question really made me stop and think about life and I appreciate that. So very much....

When I say "Lauren" many, many of you know who I mean. This is the legendary Lauren of MoreMeKnow and Sew Whatever Studio. She is a pioneer, all-star, super sweet, and hardest working Queen of the Sewing Youtube, but also so humble, kind and down to earth, basically leader of the bagmaking community. Those words aren't enough, but I'll leave it at that so as not to turn myself from logophile into shady weirdo.

Lauren and I met long ago but we really got to know each other when she came to my state to teach a class in November of 2023. I volunteered to help and also be her taxi cab around the area and the friendship cemented. Another trip but this time it was me traveling to St Louis to teach Vadon in her shiny new classroom studio: Sew Whatever Studio. 



It could be anything, storms, the sound of the ocean, anything that you love about nature!


Being an indoor cat, it's hard for me. But I love helicopter leaves.


Oh my gosh perfect.

Did you know that the technical name for helicopter leaves is Samaras? I didn't!  Do you know how excited I was to find this out because that's a pretty beautiful name for a bag?! A lot! So the bag was Samara for a while.  

I always do a lot of Googling to make sure that the names I choose don't already exist out there in the world. Not only to be unique but also to not step on the toes of people who came before me.  And to not create confusion when someone searches for one Samara Bag and comes up with one that already exists.  In this case, there was a Samara Brand already, and they sell, yep, Bags.  

Was I gutted? No not really, because instantaneously after finding out, I had the idea to amalgamate the word Samara with the name Lauren. Thus Samaren. The name means a whole lot to me. As it should.  




Love people fiercely. Put others first. Look at the sky. Grow something. Remember that people have stories. Be excited about the pure things.

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